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At 40, I'm the fittest and healthiest I have ever been and would love to help you feel the same Inspiring women to look and feel, younger, fitter and healthier

Lose weight healthily

Through exercise techniques tailored to you individually, eating nutritiously, plus advice on other lifestyle changes assisting in healthy weight loss

Improve your fitness level

Via a combination of progressive full body cardio activities, interval training, circuit training and resistance training, all in accordance to your goals

Increase strength & muscle tone

With a combination of strength training exercises using weights, various other resistance equipment, plus highly effective body weight exercises

Optimal nutrition advice

Guiding you on the most nutritious foods: to fuel your body, for weight loss, muscle gain, for effective training, foods to avoid, and, most importantly, why..

Benefit from yoga

Improve flexibility, muscle strength, bone health, blood flow, posture, sleep, heart rate, digestive issues, immune system, relaxation, breathing, balance, focus, and more

Comfort of your own home

And the best bit? We can do all of this from the comfort of your home. And I will bring the knowledge, advice, equipment, and training techniques to you



Having not been naturally slim or sporty growing up, I was never an active gym goer. So I can empathise if you normally find the gym environment a little intimidating; or if you feel that you are unable to make that difference to your body – OR, if you think it’s ‘too late’ to make that change. I’m here to encourage you that it’s never too late to make a positive change to your health and fitness.

It was only when I hit my 30’s that I realised how so many factors can affect your well-being. Hence I recognised the need to make positive changes to my body and lifestyle. Thus my interest in health and fitness began. Through regular training, yoga and eating optimally for my body, I am now in my 40’s, and I’m the healthiest and fittest that I have ever been. I feel great too. And I want to help you feel the same.

So I have decided to share my own experience of what has helped me become fitter, healthier and consistently slimmer over the years; plus utilise my years of research into the areas of health, fitness, nutrition and yoga to help you also. I understand that women have busy lifestyles. I am a classic example to show you that you don’t require expensive gym memberships to become fitter and healthier. With my style of training, we can achieve your goals from your own home.

Having trained as a client with quite a few personal trainers over the last 10 years, I recognise the importance of having the right PT to match your needs – both personality-wise, and to help you achieve your specific goals. You want to enjoy your training, as well as being pushed, motivated, and INSPIRED to achieve those results. In addition to this, I am always understanding of your own individual concerns.

With my style of personal training, it’s all about You. Seeing you as an individual. Hearing your concerns and helping you overcome them; listening to your goals and showing you the best ways to achieve them.

With advice and guidance on healthy weight loss, increasing strength and muscle tone, optimal nutrition, mobility and corrective exercises, flexibility and the benefits of yoga – together with fun, motivational and tailored training sessions, I want to help you become the fittest and healthiest you have ever been. All from the comfort of your own home.

Let’s do this! I am looking forward to working with you.

PT Jaz
Home Personal Trainer & Yoga Teacher

Free consultation

You will receive a FREE OF CHARGE 1 hour consultation where I can find out about your goals  and current lifestyle habits, check your mobility, and inform you more about how I can help.


I bring a range of equipment, from TRX suspension belts, medicine balls, kettlebells and weighted bars, to jump ropes, ankle weights and highly effective resistance bands.

Measurement techniques

I can use a range of measurement techniques, including a highly accurate fat/muscle quality measuring tool, so that we can regularly record your progress.

Hourly rates

Prices range from £25-£45 p/h (please enquire to find out more)


“As someone who loathes the gym, personal training sessions with Jaz have proved to me that you don’t need the gym to get a full and highly effective body workout. And the best thing is, I look forward to my sessions with Jaz every week. She is fun, and no session is ever the same. Jaz mixes the sessions up every time with different equipment, varied routines, and progressive methods, all in the comfort of my living room.

I wanted to improve my nutrition as well as my fitness and Jaz helped me do so, beyond what I would have imagined. I have incorporated her advice to my everyday routine, from having more fulfilling breakfasts to help keep my energy levels high, to having tasty and nutritious lunches, dinners and snacks. Plus, thanks to Jaz, I’m enjoying making healthy smoothies on a daily basis, and I am already feeling the benefits. Jaz is hugely compassionate and understanding to my needs, but she also constantly pushes me to go further than I imagined I could go, motivating me to progress each time I see her. Within just a short number of weeks, friends and family are complimenting me on how well I am looking and noticing that I have become slimmer and more toned. And…I can see and FEEL the benefits myself. I can’t thank Jaz enough.”

PN, from South London

Qualifications with / Member of:

Level 3 Diploma in Fitness Instructing & Personal Training
with Premier Training International
Nutritional Advisor
Circuit Session Instructing
Kettlebell Instructing
Emergency First Aid
Working with Communities to Promote and Support Active Healthy Lifestyles
Postural Analysis & Corrective Exercise
YOGASANA’s 200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training
with Absolute Yoga Academy, Koh Samui, Thailand